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Rotary Tattoo Machine vs. Coil Tattoo Machine

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Rotary vs Coil Tattoo Machines

Two most common type of tattoo machine available today is the rotary tattoo machine and the coil tattoo machine. Though both offer great satisfaction to the tattoo lovers, they have significant differences between rotary vs coil tattoo machines.

Whether to use a coil tattoo machine or the rotary tattoo machine is a genuine difficulty among the tattoo artists. To get rid of this confusion, you need to know about the functions and features of this machine. Without proper ideas and knowledge, you can’t figure out which machine is suitable for your work. You just can’t buy without knowing the features of each type of machine.  Individually each machine has it’s own feature so it’s important to study the differences between both types. This article will help you to gather information about these two types of the tattoo machine.

Differences Between Rotary Vs Coil Tattoo Machine

  • Functional difference

The primary differences between these two types in operation. In the coil tattoo machine, an electric current passes through the motor and runs the needles. It makes noise while operating. But it is a cheaper and more available option than the other one.

On the other hand, the rotary tattoo machine operates quietly. A small motor keeps functioning to move the needles of it up and down. The engine is small but mighty and makes the work extremely clean. Every time you will do tattoo work with this machine, you will experience a smooth finish and line on your skin. The lining and shadow work in the tattoo comes out incredibly perfectly if the rotary machine is doing it.

  • Differences in basic features

The features of these two types of machines are distinct from one another.

The coil tattoo machine can perform its tasks faster. It is heavier, so the tattoo artist can get more control while performing with it. The speed and power of this machine can be regulated easily. It comes with a few parts which can be customized and interchanged easily.

On the contrary, the rotary tattoo machine is lightweight and provides a smoother function than the coil one. Due to its lightweight, it is easily portable. The device doesn’t require any tuning and adjustment. It is easy to handle. The small motor doesn’t make any noise while operating. It is operated with a direct mechanism, which makes the work smoother and more detailed.

  • Differences based on weight

The coil tattoo machine consists of different components that make it more substantial. Operating this machine for a long time is tiring.

The rotary machine, on the other hand, can be handled easily as it consists of only a few lightweight components. For its lightweight feature, it can be transported to the places easily. Completing work holding it for a long time is also easy.

  • Differences based on versatility

The young generation wants versatility on the tattoo design nowadays. Unique images, calligraphy, writings, etc. are inked on different parts of the body.

With the coil tattoo machine, bringing versatility on the design is difficult as it can’t draw lines and shadow both together. So, while performing a sophisticated design, a tattoo artist requires multiple devices.

But with the rotary tattoo machine, any design can be performed just switching the needles. As both line and shadow can be drawn with a single device, variation and versatility can be found on tattooing with this machine.

So, these are few benefits among two primary type of tattoo machine. The benefits of using a rotary machine are more than the coil machine. So, every tattoo artist now prefers to get their job done by this machine.