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Tattoo removal with TCA Peel - 5 Best Recommendation

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The following instructions are specific to the use of TCA as a tattoo removal agent. Read the entire set of instructions that accompany your order before doing an application. Along with TCA you will need:

What You Need?

Rubbing alcohol (Acetone), distilled water, baking soda, cotton balls, q-tips, eye dropper, rubber gloves, paper towels, & a small glass or container

  • Mix a solution of baking soda and tap water in a cup (neutralizer). The consistency of the solution should be somewhere between a paste and a liquid. At some point you will need to scoop the solution up with your fingers and apply it to the treatment area, so you do not want it to just run off your fingers back into the cup. You also do not want it to be too pasty as it will not smear over the treatment area very well. You always do this first for safety reasons, i.e. you spill some TCA while getting setup. You will need to wear your rubber gloves from here on.
  • You will need to dilute the TCA as the 50% (which is usually the strength) strength will be too strong. You should try a 12.5% mixture of TCA first as this strength maybe adequate to generate the desired frost/peel. Take the eye dropper and first mix three parts distilled water to one part 50% TCA in a shot glass or small container. That will give you a 12.5% TCA mixture. To get a 25% TCA mixture you would mix one part 50% TCA with 1-part distilled water. Now you have your neutralizer ready, some 12.5% TCA in a shot glass and your gloves on.
  • You will need to do a patch test first. Thoroughly clean a small area on the back of the wrist with rubbing alcohol or acetone. Once the area is clean, dip a q-tip into your mixture and swab it over a dime size area. Do not apply so much of the mixture that it runs off the patch test area. You are simply testing to see if the mixture you are using is too strong or too weak. If you begin to see a frost then you have probably found the right strength for you. 12.5% usually works well for very light completed fair-skinned people whereas 25% works well for most others. Be your own judge but never go beyond 25%.
  • Clean the tattoo thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or acetone. Dip a fresh q-tip into your TCA solution and swab it over no more than a 3″x3″ area of the tattoo and wait five minutes. While waiting you will need to periodically swab the area with the TCA to keep it moist. Do not let the area dry. If after 5 minutes you do not see any signs of frosting, gently dry the area with a paper towel and apply a second layer of TCA using a fresh q-tip.
  • By now you may have applied 2 to 4 layers of TCA and you are seeing the skin is beginning to frost. When you see the skin is starting to frost, neutralize the area with your baking soda/water solution. This will dissipate any irritation you may feel.
  • After you’ve neutralized the TCA gently wash it off with warm water and soap. Gently pat dry and apply Neosporin or some other antibiotic cream to the area. You will notice the skin remains frosted for a few hours then turns a purple-red color. This is normal. You are looking at dead skin. It does not hurt to touch or rub it. It will remain this way for 2 or 3 weeks before it begins to peel. If you think you need to leave the antibiotic cream on for the first few days, then do so. Keeping the area clean and dry after that will promote peeling.
  • Once the dead skin begins to peel it will take roughly 1 week for it to all come off. Do not pick at the dead skin as this could cause scarring. Let it come off naturally. After the area has completely peeled you will notice new pinkish colored skin underneath. After roughly two weeks this new skin will take on the texture and color of the surrounding skin. If you are planning on going out into the sun you should use a strong sun block and keep the area covered. This new skin is Photo-sensitive and needs to be protected from the sun.
  • Roughly 2 weeks after you have peeled you are probably ready to repeat the process again. As our skins are different, it is encouraged to listen to your skin when deciding the best time to start again. Your skin will tell you when you are ready for your next peel. The timelines mentioned in these instructions are general. Some people require an 8-week peel cycle, others require 4. On average, 6 is ideal. Listen to your skin.
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Tattoo Removal with TCA: Cost

Most of the online providers offer 1 & 2 oz. bottles of TCA.

On average, 50% Medical Grade TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is available in:

1-ounce bottles costing 39.95 +/- shipping and handling depending on your location. 1-ounce bottles are enough to remove tattoos that are about the length and width of a tennis ball or baseball.

For larger or even multiple tattoos, we suggest the 2-ounce bottle costing 59.95 +/- shipping and handling depending on your location.

Pricing may vary depending on several factors:

  • The Name of the Provider: Sometimes the more well-known providers of any product or service charge more. They have name brand recognition and make many sales just because they are known and not necessarily because they are the best. If you purchase from a large well-known provider, you may want to continue to look for a provider with less market presence.
  • Location: In any business, location is key. In this instance it is not as relevant since these are all online providers.
  • Area of Order: Some providers with physical retail locations and online websites will charge clients more based on their area of order. This is not too common but the pricing you find online in one state can differ from that in another. It all will boil down to the marketing tactics for each company.
  • Buy in Bulk: It is a well-known fact that usually the more of any product you buy, the better the pricing becomes. This is no different with TCA. If you purchase more than one unit, that provider may be inclined to try and up-sell you on buying a 2nd unit at 1/2 off. This is common wherever you shop whether in person or online.

TCA Tattoo Removal: Risk

Risks associated with TCA are far less than that of laser tattoo removal. When you follow the application instructions, you are given for use of TCA 12% to 25% you will not encounter scarring. You may develop a hardly noticeable redness on and around the area of treatment. This redness depending on the pigment of your skin may last a few weeks to possibly a couple of months. This redness is medically known as Hypopigmentation and is a very common side effect of derm-abrasion, laser, & or TCA tattoo removal.

When this syndrome occurs, do not be alarmed as it is expected to be mild. If the irritation associated with use becomes painful, apply ice, shower with cool water, or if it persists stop use immediately and consult a physician. Results will vary from person to person but typically your tattoo will fade away without difficulty. As all results cannot be predicted, results may vary. If you have an existing skin condition, consult your doctor before use.

4 Best TCA Peels For Tattoo Removal

Now let’s look at the reviews of the 4 best TCA peels for tattoo removal. We chose only the top one as they’ll help you to make up your mind faster.

RePare Skincare TCA 85%

At 85%, the RePare Skincare TCA isn’t a facial peel. Dilute it to a much lower concentration (8-25%) with water. Nonetheless, RePare Skincare TCA 85% is a potent formulation for prevention and reduction of dark spots and crow’s feet.

Undoubtedly, this chemical formulation rejuvenates your skin, giving a glowing looking. Some skin conditions like moles, warts and skin tags are stubborn. Tattoos too can be hard to remove. While chemicals AHA can remove these substances, they are less effective than the THC based. 

The Good

  • You can dilute the formulation to suit different conditions
  • The product does not have an expiration date
  • Works effectively for all skin conditions

The Not-So-Good

  • It is not the right peel for sensitive skin

The RePare Skincare TCA 85% meets the standards of the American Chemical Society. That implies that it is safe for human use.

Remember, wrong use can lead to severe burns. Good news is it comes with an application kit. 

The formulation is deep penetrating. Wipe your face with alcohol to remove oils that might prevent the peel from penetrating thermal layers. You will start to experience results within 3 to 10 days. During this period, the blemished skin peels off, giving rise to youthful skin. Typically, TCA stimulates the formation of more collagen and elastin. These proteins plump up the wrinkles and the fine lines, which gives you a firm feel.

Note that, it takes a few applications to get the results you desire. Space applications two weeks apart. Again, practice caution with each use. The best way is to start with a smaller concentration and increase as your skin gets accustomed. If you plan to remove, moles, warts, skin tags and tattoos use a concentration of between 50 and 100%.

Before each application, surround the areas with Vaseline.

Splendora 50% TCA Home Skin Peel Kit

Splendora 50% TCA skin peel kit is simply reliable and fast-acting. Naturally, with time the skin loses its elasticity. Similarly, some skin conditions may make your skin look no so good. This skin peel kit restores your youthful complexion and makes it even softer.

Splendora 50% TCA skin peel kit is a combination of 50% water and 50% TCA. But, you can further the formulation, depending on the use. If you intend to use it a facial peel, dilute it to 15%. 

The Good

  • 30-day return warranty: makes it a risk-free investment
  • Complete application kit: makes it easier to apply the skin peel

The Not-So-Good

  • Highly corrosive, so apply only to areas of concern

The skin peel kit works by peeling off the outer dead layer of the skin. Thus, it reveals the smoother and healthier layer of the skin beneath. The process of peeling off the upper dead skin layer eradicates Age Spots, Stretch Marks, Acne Scars, and Wrinkles. The result: a healthier, revitalized and rejuvenated skin, i.e., fair complexion.

Splendora home skin peel kit is safe. It doesn’t have side effects that other skin products carry. It lacks additives, parabens and harmful chemicals. Such a property makes it ideal for different kinds of skin types.

The kit is easy to use, and you can use it on your face, feet or body with resounding success. The package includes a complete kit for easer home use. You get vinyl gloves, ointment, Q-tips as well as instructions so that you can use it with complete ease without worry.

RePare Skincare 15% TCA (2oz)

The unique part with the RePare Skincare 15% TCA chemical peel is that it has a lower pH, which guarantees you a comprehensive and deeper peel. What you’ll have at the end of it all, is a softer skin/improved textures, and lighten acne scars without creating red patches on your skin or wrinkles.

From the same manufacturer, you can get this chemical peel in higher concentrations. That is necessary if you intend to use it for removing moles, warts, skin tags and tattoos.

The Good

  • It gives better results within a short time: 15% per cent starts peeling facial skin within three days, which is fine.
  • It comes at higher volume: you can get t at 60ml, which gives you more uses
  • You can find it at higher concentration: higher concentrations are great for peeling skin in other body areas like hands, feet, etc.

The Not-So-Good

  • 15% may not work for some people, especially those who have used TCA before.

Remember, at 15 per cent, this facial acid, works well as an exfoliator for most skin. For first-timers, however, you may need to dilute to a lower percentage, until your face gets used to it. Like any other TCA facial acid, RePare Skincare acts by removing a layer of dead cells of the skin and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Ultimately, this gives you younger skin and is efficient in treating some conditions. 

If you want to exfoliate your skin, the whole process should take a maximum of 30 minutes. Apply only to those areas you intend to remove the dead skin or spots. To protect other areas, apply Vaseline t those areas.

The use of RePare Skincare 15% TCA is not without side effects. But they are rare and minor. They occur in the form of burning sensation and discomfort. It is advisable to protect yourself from the sun after applying facial acid. 

When you buy the package, it comes with two alcohol prep pads, a pair of Gloves and instructions.

RePare Skincare 50% TCA Chemical Skin Peel

At 50% this skin peel works effectively against Skin Tags, Stretch Marks, Moles, Acne Scars, Age Spots, Wrinkles and Freckles. Also, it causes fading and consequent removal of tattoos.

RePare Skincare 50% TCA Skin Peel is a synthetic exfoliator, which fastens the process shedding skin. Remember, with age, the natural process of exfoliation slows. That is why people develop wrinkles with age. With this chemical skin peel, you can fasten the process of exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.

The Good

  • It has safe ingredients: skin peel is ACS compliant, meaning its ingredient have been certified to be pure and safe.
  • You can dilute the solution: diluting it makes it possible to use it for multiple applications.

The Not-So-Good

  • It causes burns: it is a strong chemical, and when it comes in contact with skin, it causes burns.

It is safe to use the 50% TCA Skin Peel. They are devoid of additives, and they are ACS complaint. That means, it has high-quality ingredients; hence safe for use. Nevertheless, you must follow instructions while using the skin peel. Being a chemical, it bound to cause irritations and burns, in case of wrong use.

TCA skin peel penetrates deeper into the dermal layers. Before using it, cleanse your skin. Further, wipe with alcohol to remove oils that might prevent the skin peel from penetrating. Its deep penetrating action stimulates the formation of essential proteins, collagen and elastin. Such proteins, help in cushioning against wrinkles and fine lines.

While the effect of the skin peel is instant, it might take time for you to see results. Usually, between 3 and 10 days, you’ll start seeing positive results. Now, it depends on what you are treating.

If it is a normal skin peel, use a concentration of between 8 and 25 per cent. Start with smaller concentrations and increase as your skin gets used to the chemical skin peel.  Leave two weeks between each application.

On the other hand, removing moles, warts, skin tags and tattoos requires 50-100%. Apply Vaseline or coconut oil in the surrounding area to protect them. 

TCA Tattoo Removal: How Long It Takes

It is not possible to give an exact answer as to how long it will take to completely fade away your tattoo. However, it takes 6 to 7 weeks from initial application for your skin to completely shed itself, peel away, and for your skin to rejuvenate itself. You must consider multiple factors when attempting to gauge how long it will take or how many applications are needed to fully remove your tattoo(s). Factors to consider:

  • How large is your tattoo?
  • How long have you had the tattoo?
  • What type and color ink is within your tattoo?
  • What is your pigment?
  • How well and how deep did the tattoo artist apply your tattoo?

All these factors should be considered before you assume any particular time frame for complete removal of your tattoo. Our bodies have a say in this as well. Some people may shed quicker than others, some may need 2 applications, some may need 4 or 5. Estimating exactly how long it will take to completely fade your tattoo is impossible. Estimating how many applications it will take is impossible.

TCA Tattoo Removal: Facts & Common Q’s

  • Could I Use TCA Before I Get My New Tattoo?

Yes, you can. In fact, most people who are getting new tattoos use TCA to fade out the current tattoo to make room for their new tattoo. It is recommended that you allow the treated area to completely rejuvenate itself before having your new tattoo put on.

  • Pregnant or Nursing?

Currently, there are no medical studies or medical proof that TCA adversely affects women who are pregnant or nursing. There is no proof that it affects women who are pregnant or nursing, we do not suggest using TCA.

  • Exercising or Tanning While Using TCA?

If you have applied TCA and you are planning to be outdoors it is recommended you use a heavy sunscreen. The new skin that comes from within you a.k.a. from under the tattoo is photosensitive. Exercising will not be a problem if you are not wearing clothing that is rubbing up against the treated area. Your perspiration/sweat will not cause any harm although sweat does have salt in it and your skin will be shedding as if you were sunburned so you may feel a slight burning sensation.

  • Does TCA Work on All Tattoo Colors?

TCA will be equally effective on all colors. This is one of the most attractive differences compared to that of laser tattoo removal because lasers do not perform as well on certain colors. TCA also works better than laser tattoo removal on areas of less blood circulation because TCA sheds your skin from the outside in and not the inside out. Therefore, you can use it in areas of less circulation.

  • Is It Harder to Remove Older or Newer Tattoos?

This is hard to generalize. Some older tattoos are difficult to remove, and some are not. Some newer tattoos are easy to remove, and some are not. It depends on the type of ink used, the quality of its application, how deep into the skin its applied, etc.  Some of the newer tattoo inks used today are resistant to removal. The ease or difficulty of removing tattoos really depends on several factors.