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Does it hurt while getting a tattoo?

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hurt while getting a tattoo

Tattooing is art. It is a kind of body decoration where different pigmentation is used to change the skin color. However, though people are getting a tattoo and piercing on their body since the ancient age, it has got a new dimension recently.

If you want to get a tattoo in your body but worried if you get hurt in the process, this article is for you.

Do you get hurt while getting a tattoo?

Whether you will be hurt or not while doing a tattoo is dependent on many things, people choose a different spot on their body for a tattoo. Some people might get pleasure while getting a tattoo in a particular place, where some get immense pain.

So, does the tattoo hurt? The answer cannot be the same for everyone. Pain can be a varied person to person and spot to spot. However, for the first-timer, the experience can be horrified. The fear of getting pain might play a significant role here.

Most of the people who have done tattoo have reported the process is annoying than the pain. Time is also an important aspect to win back the fear. Depending on the spot you want to do a tattoo, the time will vary. If you would like to do a tattoo in your arm in a small part, it might take 20 to 30 minutes. But for the large tattoo in the back part of your body will take a long time.

So, which is the least painful part of your body?

Well, this also varies from person to person. But skin that is close to the bone is sensitive and tends to get more pain while getting inked. If you do a tattoo on the meaty part of your body, less pain is felt.

Pain is also dependent on the hand of the tattoo artists. The techniques and machines they use for tattooing direct whether to get hurt or not. The rotary tattoo machine has become quite popular among tattoo artists and tattoo lovers because it can perform without causing much pain. So, if you ask for a rotary tattoo machine to tattoo, you will likely get less pain.

Tuning is also an important aspect when it comes to cause pain. If the tattoo artist tunes his/her machine finely, it takes less time to do the job and causes less pain. The size of the needle should also be checked if someone gets tattooing done with little discomfort.

So, it would be best if you are prepared for little pain when you do a tattoo. But awareness of the total fact before laying into the tattoo table can make things easier.